Thursday, 1 March 2012

Universiti Pahang Malaysia Moves Forward with Oracle Solutions

Kuantan, Pahang – Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) has just announced that it has deployed Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) as part of its growth in technology infrastructure.

From L-R: Roslan Bin Awang Abd Rahman, Deputy Director, PTMK UMP; Saiful Lizam Mohd Khamis, Director of Technology Sales Public Sector and MRD, Oracle Corporation Malaysia; Prof Dato’ Dr Daing Mohd Nasir Daing Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor UMP; and Prof Dr Badhrulhisham Bin Abdul Aziz, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic & International), UMP

The implementation of these Oracle solutions helps to provide UMP with fault tolerance to maximize the availability of the Main Academic Portal, Time Attendance system, Student Management system, Online Examination system and Financial and Human Resource (HR) Management system, which in turn will result in a better service level for students and staff alike.

Thanks to this new system, efficiency of the university's workforce is also improved as it offers automated management capabilities that frees up staff time that were previously spent on manual administrative work.

“To improve its service level, UMP undertook the project to ensure prompt and reliable delivery of critical campus services, while stabilizing and easing workload and as a result, we are able to increase efficiencies that bring benefit to our students and staff so they can focus more on their core competencies,” said Professor Dato’ Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Daing Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang.
By Daniel Goh
18 Apr 2011

UTHM - Pelan Tindakan Pembangunan ICT !

Pelan tindakan Pembangunan ICT Universiti ini dirangka untuk menjadi asas perancangan ICT yang kukuh dala mencapai halatuju ICT yang akan dilaksanakan dalam dua fasa iaitu; Fasa I : 2001-2005 dan Fasa II : 2006-2011.

Sasaran pembangunan ICT adalah untuk menyediakan prasarana pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang kodusif serta menwujudkan urus tadbir yang berkualiti dan cekap seiring dengan halatuju universiti sebagaimana yang digariskan di dalam Blueprint Universiti. Kepercayaan dan kepuasan pelanggan diambilkira dalam menyediakan pelan tindakan ini serta cabaran-cabaran yang perlu ditangani.

Stategi yang digariskan dalam pelan tindakan adalah seperti e-Pengurusan, e-Pembelejaran, K-Universiti, infrastruktur dan komunikasi dan pembudayaan ICT.

Keseluruhan Pelan TIndakan Pembangunan ICT Universiti yang dirangka akan menjadi panduan dalam memastikan Universiti sentiasa cemerlang dan gemilang.


Menyediakan Sistem Pengurusan Kampus Bersepadu bagi menyokong pembangunan dan pentadbiran Universiti ke arah yang lebih kompetitif dengan memberikan perkhidmatan dan pengurusan ICT yang dinamik dan cemerlang serta memenuhi keperluan pelanggan.

Hala Tuju

Menyediakan prasarana ICT terkini, kondusif dan mencukupi kepada seluruh warga universiti untuk meningkatkan mutu pengajaran dan pembelajaran bagi menghasilkan graduan berkualiti, mempertingkatkan kualiti penyelidikan dan pembangunan(R&D), mempertingkatkan kualiti dan kecekapan pentadbiran serta menjadikan masyarakat UTHM sebagai satu masyarakat yang bermaklumat dan berpengetahuan untuk membolehkan mereka melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab dengan cara yang paling berkesan.

UPNM First Local Varsity To Offer It Security Programme

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 (Bernama) -- Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) chalked a new milestone by becoming the first local public university to offer Information Technology Security (IT Security) certification for its computer science undergraduates.

The programme is offered in collaboration with International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council), a leading IT Security certification provider.

UPNM Vice-Chancellor Datuk Zulkifli Zainal Abidin said the programme was in line with the government's call to produce local professionals able to handle crimes in information technology (IT).

"Security experts in IT are very important to the nation now, mainly to stop cyber crimes through computer chains that can be a threat to the security of the nation," he told reporters after signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with EC-Council at the university here, on Thursday.

EC-Council was represented by its president, Sanjay Bavisi.
By Bernama

UiTM Student and Junior Lecture Win Top Awards at British Invention Show

UiTM student and junior lecture have won top awards at the British Invention Show in London, which just ended. The medals won were a Diamond, the Best Invention by Salon Archimedes (Russia), a gold and 6 silver medals.
The British Invention Show, which was held between 12 and 17 Oct 2009, is the largest innovation and technology expo in Britain. Uitm submitted 8 entries of which all won medals.
The Diamond was won by junior lecturer Amalina Amir, 26, of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who contested her product, MIM Route, a device to produce complex metal metalwork. Other than diamond, Amalina also won a gold and the best Invention by Salon Archimedes (Russia). MIM Route is a metal injecting moulding process which can boost mass manufacturing of complex metalwork. Products that need high precision moulding are jewelry, sporting goods, eyeglasses, wristwatches or medical equipment. Other than the mass production this new procedure is environment friendly as it uses a recyclable biopolymer binder. 
The gold winning student was Ahmad Zainizan bin Sahdan, 25, who is pursuing his PhD at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He participated his project on nanowire synthesis using low cost gas blocker in catalyic thermal CVD. His idea was having a semi-conductor nonowire for solar cells where a gas blocker was invented to obstruct the gas flow in a 2-furnace CVD system. The gas blocker produced a better control of gas flow that enables stronger UV emission. Upon winning, Ahmad Zainizan said his invention is suitable to be used as light emitting device such as laser diodes. 
The other 6 silver medals were won by Azizah Hanom Ahmad who contested her invention on Silicon and Dammar as Coating Materials, Khudzir Haji Ismail for his Water-Tetralin Co-solvent System for Coal Liqefaction, Zukifli Abdul Rashid a software for Waste Management, Nor Hayati Avdul Hamid Pre-Cast Hollow Core Wall which can endure earthquake shocks, Ahmad Faizar Jaafar Self-Charging Machine in Libraries, and Mohd Haris Kamarudin Egg Shell Thermal Insulation Board.
 By ResearchSEA
Thursday, October 22, 2009

UiTM Sarawak

Anugerah Kualiti Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Sarawak 2010 Piala Ketua Menteri Sarawak

Limkokwing Fashion Creativity Simply Stunning!

Limkokwing Fashion Creativity Simply Stunning!

The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology well known for its fashion creativity and innovation through the many creations that have graced fashion runways, photo shoots, events and magazines spreads from the world over, Limkokwing University raises the bar in fashion creativity and breaks down boundaries in its creative design execution and event organization.
Creativity in Motion - The runway series is organized by the Limkokwing Fashion and Retail Department and produced by the Creativity Development, a professional talent development incubation unit on campus lead by Associate Vice President Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim. Our runways have been graced by Nadine Ann Thomas - Former Miss Malaysia and have seen Malaysia’s crème della crème including; international model and actress Amber Chia, President of the Malaysian Designers Association (MODA) Gillian Hung, Malaysia top international male model - Wilson Tang Siong Ping, renowned designer - Khoon Hooi, L’Oréal representatives and Dato’ Leela.
This Christmas, Creativity in Motion takes centre stage at Publika, Solaris Dutamas with 18 of its best fashion designers from 6 countries bringing to end a year filled high-fashion, creativity and innovation.

Limkokwing’s new generation fashion designers

"4 years ago, these guys walked through the doors of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology armed with a dream and hope to be the next top fashion designer. From the many that applied, tried and failed, these 18 young creative minds pushed the limits of creativity in fashion design and strived to be the best that they can be. Today after 4 years, they walk out our doors armed with skills and talent that will take them to the top of their careers. They have inspired us with their stories and they are just at the beginning of it. In a very short time they have brought to life their creative expressions for other to enjoy. We know that they will be the best in the world, claiming what they deserve very soon. Through this fashion show, we celebrate their creativity and passion and we are so proud to call them Limkokwing’s new generation fashion designers." 
Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim
Associate Vice President, Talent Development
“I am really excited about the graduation and fashion show. It will be an amazing experience and I really can’t wait. It’s been three great years in Limkokwing and in my time there I have had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful people and have gained invaluable experience.”
Amiirah Domun
“All I can say is WOW! I definitely feel like I have grown as a designer in the Art and Creative fashion world. Creativity is not just a commodity, everyone has idea, but Limkokwing University gave me the opportunity and the platform to transform my ideas into beautiful creations. Again, all I can say is WOW!”
Nelson Elak Sendar
“This will be my first ever fashion show and I’m nervous. But thank you Limkokwing for giving me the opportunity to show my masterpiece on the stage to the world.”
Christine Wangsa
Limkokwing University  (Click Here)

Sunway University College chooses SAS® for IT skills training and research support

When business executives in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region seek to hire IT leaders with the latest skills in analytics and information systems, they often find them at Sunway University College, where SAS technology is used in the classroom to prepare students for careers in IT.

Sunway is a world-class higher education institution and leader in private education in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Established in 1987, Sunway provides tertiary education to a total of 10,000 students – with 30 percent coming from 90 foreign countries – enrolled in various academic programs at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The School of Computer Technology (SCT) at Sunway has developed a reputation for excellence, offering a high standard of education in information technology, information systems, computer science and networking. SCT advocates unique specializations that not only stress the importance of the academic curriculum, but also promote students' exposure to the IT industry, enabling them to discover their potential and achieve their goals.

Associate Professor Dr. Lim Tong Ming, Head of SCT, said, "To achieve excellence in IT instruction, Sunway is extremely sensitive to the need to expose and educate its technology students with IT skill sets that are relevant and highly sought-after in the real world. This is to ensure that all of our graduates are at the forefront of industry demand, making successful careers in the competitive market."

SAS® for research support
With the rapid changes in the world of technology, Dr. Lim deemed it essential for Sunway academics to equip themselves with knowledge of the latest enterprise IT solutions, especially in the area of statistical analysis, data mining and analysis technologies.

Sunway is continuously seeking to explore and research these areas to better tutor its students in the know-how of innovative technologies and advanced IT solutions. For this reason, the university college opted to further develop its teaching and research methods with SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner.

SAS analysis and data mining skills are highly in demand, as many Malaysian corporate organizations and enterprises are using similar, if not identical, SAS technology. SAS solutions are renowned for handling large amounts of data, comprehensive data analysis, business intelligence and analytics.

"We believe that SAS' well-known reputation for its widely applied solutions in the business world will give Sunway University College students the training they need to be truly relevant in the workplace," explained Dr. Lim. "We trust SAS as a partner that Sunway University College will benefit from."

Another factor for SCT choosing SAS for its research and training support is the unlimited licensing model of the software. "As an education institution, partnering with SAS also makes budgetary sense, as its adaptable licensing module eliminates the possibility of raking up a massive cost to be incurred due to the multiple use of such programs and solutions for the purpose of teaching, learning and research," said Dr. Lim.

Commercial returnsAdding SAS as a key subject in the university college's syllabus and industry training has also brought about new benefits to Sunway as a reputable educational institution.

SCT currently offers a number of courses covering data analysis and data mining using SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner and Base SAS, which attract 70 percent of SCT students. "SAS' comprehensive and practical solutions have garnered a lot of interest amongst our lecturers and students," said Dr. Lim.

SCT's courses already prepared students to enter a highly competitive labour market. But Dr. Lim notes that within a year of working with SAS, Sunway has improved on its standards of educational excellence and the marketability of its highly practical technology courses.